Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tasting the bread of life

My first books were all about Bible stories. Mom and Dad would bring home thick, hardbound books filled with illustrations about famous people from the Bible and how they were used by God as instruments of His love.

I was so mesmerized at miracles that often wished I was there when that happened. Sometimes, I would daydream on what things could have been like and what my role could have been in each story.

I must admit the roles I thought of were more "innocent" before than now and without being disrespectful, I would like to share some of them. HAHA

Ok I did not see myself as Noah, mas lalo nang any animal noh! So I would like to play the role of checker. Taga sigurado kung kumpleto ang mga hayop. Tapos kapag lumagpas sa dalawa, tagataboy ng sobra. JOKE LANG.

Again, I am not interested to take the lead role since this is soooo manly. But I would gladly volunteer as David's head cheerleader! Tipong may pompom na yari sa bush. At bubuo ng "DAVID IS MY BIG MAN!" gamit ang mga bato. Chuice!

Well except for Moses, no one in particular stood out. But I would like to take the role of the first person to see that the Egyptians were coming...

*cut. tight shot on Koi*

Koi: ANJAN NA SILAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (dramatic diba?)

Well, kidding aside my most favorite bible story would be the multiplication of loaves and fish. It's really quite astonishing having fed hundreds of people with just a few. I really wish I could have been around to partake of this miracle.

I'm glad that to this day that I could cherish this dream through the 12 Baskets Bakeshop

Inspired by the idea of always having more, this humble store in Little Baguio prepares fresh bread and pastries daily to feed the body, and hopefully the soul.

57 years ago (Chez), I was invited to a small gathering of bloggers and friends for an Alice and Wonderland Halloween Tea Party to check the place out and have a taste of their products.

That's me in a very "in-the-theme" outfit (HEH) with ohmygod-i-forgot-your-name-sorry, Boom of Boomanism (YEHES BLOGGER!) and the beautiful Mika Millar.

Proud owner Fred Yang, who by the way personally trained his bakers, and the lovely Geoanne Hernandez with their fruit of love, THE BREAD! ECHOS

Well if there's pakain, count me in! And allow me to make some recommendations...

Ham and Cheese Rolls

Parmesan-Garlic Twists!

Both of which are soft and light but flavorful! Then there are pastries...

Revel bars! Chewy and not too sweet! :)

And of course, 12 Baskets' famous Egg Tarts! I love it because its very fresh!

True to its concept of always having "more", they also carry the sought-after Sumilao Corn Coffee!

This is a product of the well-known Sumilao Farmers who walked all they way from Bukidnon to Manila to fight for their land! Created from carefully selected organic sida-sida corn kernels, the Sumilao Corn Coffee is healthy addition to one's diet.

Miraculously, the only thing "less" about 12 Baskets Bakeshop are their prices!

Check out the contact details above too. Experience the miracles of 12 Baskets Bakeshop! And oh, Share the grace this Christmas too!

(ok nagutom ako dun! HAHA)

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