Monday, November 1, 2010

Advertising on Facebook

Pardon my relatively long absence but my whole weekend was pretty tight. CHE, feeling! HAHA


Oh well, advertisements are everywhere! (Anlayo bigla?!?) Before, they were simply painted on walls and billboards. Now, you find them on the radio, on TV, printed on newspapers and magazines, even strategically (sometimes, distastefully) placed in movie scenes.

And then we have them in websites, mails and blogs. Even here! (I installed Nuffnang in the hopes na mapansin nila at kumita naman ako! Chuice!) Of course pati Facebook. I dunno pero hello bulag ka na ata kung di mo sila napapansin! But who among you guys actually read them?

I DO! At my gulay nakakatawa lang yung iba! Sometimes you'll wonder if they are even legitimate!

Oh well, here they are!

Anyareh sa Globe? I know I have friends working there pero bakit parang naging jeje ata sila? 30WwzZ mU$+4 ph0w$zzZZ?

First mejo mukhang tanga yung starfish na naka shades ok? Second, if you understand bisaya then you will find this kinky hee hee hee. In fairness, maraming fans!

WEW parang ayoko na nito! Effort pala eh! And please explain what "retires you in 4 years" mean? As in afford mo na magretire after 4 years? Hmm, then maybe this is a great offer!

Bakit parang babae ang namagnet ni kuya hindi money? Or if ateh attended the seminar, sure ba siya na tama ang namagnet niya? Joke lang!

Oh! Its a tagalog speaking baboy! Take note: ARUGAIN! Fluent!!!! But true to his nature, ayan gutom lang lagi! Mejo needy nga lang. Nanghingi na ng pagkain, nagpasama pa! Sorry pero eto lang ang baboy na gusto ko alagaan


Things that went wrong:

1. Wrong spelling URGEBT (jebs? eew)
2. A variety dancer... (baka yung pwede kumain ng apoy, pumatay ng manok at lumulon ng sword!)
3. FEMALE. (Bakit parang mga lalake yan?? Or are they lesbians?)
4. Where is Japanesse and resto bar???
5. 19abv now n (kinapos ng space!)

Oh well, speaking of facebook advertisements, allow me to plug...

Because I am feeling like that, please like my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! HAHAHA

I now plan to do short posts and the usual long features so this will be your ultimate update hub Personal thoughts and ideas will be posted too! So please like the page HAHAHA

And if it isn't too much to ask, spread the fun by suggesting the page to your friends! Thanks! Mwah!

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