Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hero Makeover!

One day my niece showed me a trick. I said "cool" and her reply was "Cool is for old people. It's AWESOME!!" Congratulations Koi, you are now considered an oldie!

Indeed, times have changed. That was reaffirmed when creators started giving some popular kiddie characters a makeover. Eto kasi pauso...

Girl, wag kang malandi, plezzz! Chuice!

Much to my surprise that even our beloved superheroes are being given the restyling and revamping that they allegedly need.

Sad to break it to you guys...


Oh well from an article I saw in Yahoo, "Superman has a new look... While the iconic superhero retains his dark mane and defined six pack, he now has a decidedly more emo vibe -- pale, leaner, and brooding."

"The new Man of Steel "wears hoodies" and "has smoldering eyes"; and as Clark Kent, he wears low-cut pants and skinny ties."

Meanwhile, Wonderwoman outfit is now "made up of a red top with the signature "WW" logo; a cropped blue biker jacket with white stars; and skin-tight navy blue pants and matching boots."



Bakit mukha siyang adik?!?! Seriously, he looks like a villain more than the hero. And what's with the eyes? Parang yung laruang dog na umiilaw yung mata sa Greenhills!! Meanwhile...

In fairness! Sleek! But wait, Encore ba ang punta mo, teh?

Well, as they say, looks don't actually matter. As long as their actions are for a good cause then they are still heroes. In fact, one need not save the world or die for something to be considered a hero. I remember what my boss and mentor, Coach Pia Acevedo always told us that everyone is born a hero.

And unleashing your inner hero could be done by simply committing to your own personal development .Through this, you could make a difference for yourself and for others.

Much of her thoughts on heroism as well as tools to discover your inner greatness are found on her book, Born to be a Hero

"Written for young individuals, Born to be a Hero offers a unique menu of guided activities towards making a difference in the world. It provides concrete ways, tips, motivating stories and skillfully crafted, easy-t0-do tools.

Born to Be a Hero revolutionizes the concept of heroism as commitment to your personal development. The book introduces the Hero Currency, which translates your actions, thoughts and skills into quantifiable points of heroism. The points are carefully logged into your hero gadgets, namely the Hero Passbook and Hero Calendar that help keep track of your progress in building your Hero Currency."

The book comes with a special access to the interactive website (, which features the engaging capabilities of popular social networking sites today, such as being able to connect with people, share your passions, celebrate victories, upload media files and gain access to the online store, additional exercises and worksheets, and your personal Hero page.

Here's a video of the author, Coach Pia Acevedo, talking about the book

For more information about the book, visit Copies will be available in all Metro Manila branches of Fully Booked beginning November 5.

Official launch will be on Nov 5, 7:30 PM at The Forum, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. For inquiries call 4364143 or 09228954143.

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