Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wanna Be Pretty?

Salons and Spas are girls' best friends. Whenever they feel stressed, nothing beats a good pampering even at the nearest parlor. Usual services range from a simple mani-pedi to a much more expensive hot oil treatments, rebond/reborn/re-sabunot (chez) and various massages.

Simply put, women go to beauty and wellness centers to relax and feel a little bit better about themselves. But what if bad things happen instead?

We all have heard of parlor disasters: Poorly dyed or "overcooked" hair, allergies and nail injuries. I bet this could be one of ladies' worst nightmares.


One day, I found a flyer of a salon/" facial and skin care center". At first glance, it looked impressive- wide range of services at very affordable rates. But reading every word, parang back-out na.

As I went through each product, I have gone from doubt, to confusion to FEAR FOR LIFE (Chuice!) Find out why...


So.... Ilan talaga kayo? 1, 2, 3? HAHA Shet baka isa lang tapos multi-tasking

If you can't spell wrinkles, you can't treat them! (Meganon?)


HA?!?! So anong gusto niyo ma-achieve?

Hmm? Too much exposure on Sun...day? Chuice-day ok lang?

So, which anti-aging agent are we talking about? At sosyal ah bakit niya kelangan ng katulong!?!

Exthia. Parang malubhang galis lang. HAHA

OMG. French kayo or Italian?? And tama ba ang iniisip ko? Lesseu...


Ang daming "S and to"!! Nalunod ako! In fairness, parang tongue twister! Repeat 10 times! GOW!


SO AKALA KO BA PAMPAGANDA TO?? Why will it prevent smooth and clear skin?!?

Isa pa to! Who wants softer yet dry and irritated skin?

Eww ha! Oily acne? NO THANKS! I'm done with puberty!

But wait, eto matakot ka na. Also available...



Well, wag naman daw tayo matakot. May assurance



So I won't really tell what salon is this. But if you live in katipunan then you may have gotten a copy of this brochure too. HAHAH Ill see you guys there?

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