Sunday, October 3, 2010

If Pictures Could Talk

I got the set of pictures from Huffington Post. These were part of the Obamas' Trip to Vatican sometime last year.

Benedict XVI: Welcome to Vatican! This is our dining room. May mga taga-subo so no need for a table. May bakante nga pala, gusto niyo mag-apply?
Obamas: croo croo *masamang tingin

Benedict XVI: Bueno, anong atin?
Barrack: We just wanted to say hi!
Michelle: heeheehee

Michelle (in her mind): I just want to show you my big bow

and my black shoes

Michelle: Hay salamat it's ovaaaah!

Meanwhile in the presidential limo



Michelle: Ay ano ba yan! bat madumi?! Isdatchu...


Apparently, eto ang salarin...

May i recommend...

Minutes later at the airport...

Malia: Mommy what's pumice?
Michelle: Shh! Walk straight! Walk straight!! Don't look at the camera!!!
Barrack: hehey! Stop na ok?

Ok sabaw. See you at the Bonfire tonight!

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