Monday, October 11, 2010

Ang tunay na lalake...

Vanity is known to be a girl thing because men are expected to be rough, tough... and buff (Chuice!)

Ever noticed how men are slowly becoming obsessed about beefing up? More and more people frequent the gym almost everyday in an attempt to tone those biceps or bring out those abs.

Ok so there's nothing wrong with shaping up but more than that, men are becoming extra vain with their bodies. They stop and flex at every shiny surface, they take half-naked pictures of themselves, they wear ultra-mega- hindi-na-ako-makahinga fitting shirt and they instantly become "beach lovers" to showcase their full glory.

Clarification though, hindi sa I do not appreciate these efforts (HAHAHAHAHAHA pakalandi lang) But I hope people will keep it as natural and less fake. Be a winner not a poser!

I said this because of some items I saw online. Well some might be a joke but others seriously use them for the sake of vanity.

This is a mirdle= man + girdle. WHAAAAAT! Diba ang girdle pang bagong panganak? Or mga oldies na malaki ang puson?!? I wonder, kaya kaya nito itago ang beer belly nila?


Hanggang panaginip ka nalang! Unless gusto mo siyang isuot everyday. Well, sige pwede sa Halloween! HAHA

Who said make-up is only for girls? Well, if you can't go to the gym everyday, why not do the quickest solution! May before and after pa to show that it works. For best results, palagay natin kay

Tita Fanny!

Eto walang kinalaman sa abs or muscles. But WHAT?!?! PATI BA NAMAN ETO!?!

If it would make you feel better about yourself, FINE. Btw Marks and Spencer toh so say goodbye rolled face towel and tissue! Here's to a a BIGGER and Brighter future!!! Chez!

Well, like I said, I hope everyone sticks to the natural way. And I hope most of the guys will shape up for the right reasons. Kung ako lang, let's keep things REAL!

With this, may I suggest this really effective method

O diba? Double purpose pa! Chuice!!!!

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