Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funny (serrano) in the City

We may have heard of the line "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Well I guess so are funny things. At times, one person laughs about something and the other one won't. So kung natatawa kayo, magkawavelength tayo! Gusto mo yun? Chuice!

In some of my old posts, I shared pictures of odd things found around the metro. Well, there's more!!! Look's like the city will never lose things or occurrences that could perhaps make our hectic lives a little more bearable.

Spotted at The Collective, Malugay St., Makati


O diba? English speaking si Manong Fishball! Oo nga naman Mekeyti yun eh where corporate people and expats thrive so might as well acclimate. (*dugo)

But wait! Mejo bastos ata!!! May AHH pang nalalaman EEW. Uhm, kuya, kung may talagang kakain ng balls mo di ka kaya magsisi? CHUICE!!!!

Spotted at a bookstore


How ironic. Sophie Kinsella's Mini Shopaholic is a bestseller pero wait, nilalangaw sa Pilipinas? HAHA

The next pictures have been contributed by my friend Magel Thanks teh!


Kawawa naman ang pranelang eto. Parang masyadong diniin na siya ay isang FHAMUNAS! Pero in fair, at least siya branded. "Hindi lang ako basta-basta basahan, isa akong FAHMUNAS!"

Ok kahit flatnose ako, never mind! Jiahe gamitin! HAHA Ohmygod remember Cleopatra? The instant nose lift sold on TV? HAHA

I don't know where this is. Looks like a door of a delivery truck. I guess something very fragile is inside because you have to open it very carefully. Sobrang careful, MAKAKATULOG KA ZZZZ!

Move over Dove Cream Bar, heto na ang ultimate pampa-KERI! Echos lang. Cheese kasi to! At mahal siya ah!

Finally, I recently talked about artistas shifting careers. Well, well well guess who made the biggest leap! The Diamond Star in a major diamond peel...

Si Maria, Kahera na?!!?

Got funny pics? Send them over and get featured! Don't forget to leave your name and a little info about the images. Send them to YES, there's like that! (meganon!)


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  1. Hahaha I know Kiri the cheese. When dad worked in KSA, ang dami naming ganyan sa bahay. Masarap sya infairness. :p

    Super good blog Koi! Laughtrip as always. Keep it up! :)


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