Monday, June 28, 2010

A Love Affair with My Nose

If there's one thing I am sure I wasn't blessed enough, that would be my NOSE. Its large, wide and very pango. I think when God showered good noses to all mankind, I was still alseep hence what I got was one of the rejects. HAHA

Yes. Pinoy. Walang duda

Yet honestly, I never got intimidated by it. For all I care, its just a nose. And I know that whatever God gave me suits me perfectly. Its just interesting that I base my judgments on one's nose- whether its perfect, cute, or quirky. So if you are my kerreh, chances are you have a very distinct nose haha


Kidding aside, I really love my nose. And here are top 3 reasons why:

1. I am an olfactory person. Some people remember things through touch, or what they see or hear. Me? Through smell. Smelling something brings a huge nostalgia. It always triggers my memory to the day when I first smelled a thing or to things I was accustomed to. And im talking about very specific smells. Bring me back to my dorm and show me all the places I've spent much time in and I will probably remember a little. But let me smell those ripe acacia pods and it will bring back scenes and even emotions of the past.

2. I can tell scents and smells. I believe that my nose is sensitive to tell one from another. I could also smell traces and could identify what that is. I dunno if you guys were able to watch Perfume: Story of a Murderer where a guy could smell even the faintest ones far far away. OA! Di naman ganung level. Slight lang. Like smelling traces of lychee in a room spray and true enough, its one of the many layers and components.

3. I perhaps found my passion in my nose. I am a chemistry graduate and for years the only reason I give on why I chose that course was that I came from Pisay and I have to take a science degree. It was only recently that I realized why I wanted chemistry- and that's because I wanted to be a perfumer. Yes, I envision myself going to France and exposing my nose to discover all the beautiful scents, mixing them to create divine smells!

And so I have committed myself to pursuing my dreams of studying and becoming a perfumer. I've been reading quite a lot, inquiring in various schools and considering my options here and abroad. And from time to time, Ill keep you updated regarding this life project :)

Here's to my special love affair with my nose!


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