Monday, June 7, 2010

Setting-up a Mood Board

When I was young, I would pull out dresses from my imagination and draw random sketches on any piece of paper. This went on until college where some of my best works were drawn in loose Philo hand-outs, scratch papers during exams and back pages of my notebooks.

Recently, I decided to take sketching seriously but turning them into real clothes is still quite far from reality (I would need to learn how to sew first). For the first time, I made a mood board which is a collection of all things that interest and inspire me. That would include color palettes, textures, shapes, runway creations etc. And here's the result:

Wew. Anyare? Until now I'm wondering. Was i thinking of pasa or talong while making this? I finished two already and in fairness, they look decent. Walang bugbog or gulay effect. Ill scan and upload them in my next posts. Anyway, I hope the rest will turn out well enough too!

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