Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's in your checklist?

I found this really interesting article at Huffington Post which shows pictures of kids' to-do list. They were all adorable and i picked some of the cutest ones:

Pansinin ang tomatA. Very slang noh? And I wonder what he /she meant with "eat stuf"? Styro? epoxy? char.

Eat ice pops and play! Feeling ko mataba siya
( judger?)

Either he's going to be a chef or crafty lang siya and he wants to make homemade glue.

I had my fair share of funny checklists too. When I was young it was all about watching The Little Lulu Show, buying taho and pollinating orchids ( o, bata pa lang scientist na!). When I went to high school it was all about finishing a term paper, doing my art project and completing a problem set.

The college years brought in a new face to my checklist. Aside from the usual academic requirements, my first taste of independence lead me to noting down when to get my laundry and when to buy some groceries. My years as an org leader, then COA President, added more to that list which included reading organization reports, writing an open letter to all org members and finishing the agenda for the next Central Board Meeting.

Things really changed when I started working. Curious at how my to-do list looks like? Tadaaa!

Yellow for accomplished tasks, flesh for those partially acted upon while green ones are those that need immediate attention.

Kids have simple, almost silly notes and it shows how uncomplicated their lives are. As you go old, you deal with more mature issues and more difficult challenges. There may be times when I would wish that my only concern for the day was whether I would be able to buy an ice cream cup or watch your favorite cartoon show.

But looking at how my checklists have evolved makes me proud. This is because as you put a check beside each note, you feel satisfied that you were able to successfully accomplish a particular task. More importantly you consciously try to put an end to a certain part of your life.

And as you write your new list, you tell yourself that you are ready to move on, forward.


  1. Dude. I never do checklists.haha :D

  2. you should try making one! hahha :D

  3. 2 things:

    1. Marie called you "Dude" (which I thought was hilarious. Good one, Marie)

    2. I spot bitoy and joy belmonte on your list. Teehee.

    Your list looks complicated!

  4. 1. Marie/ Maan is my friend since pre-school and I miss her. Chuice! Like i miss you! Heh!

    2. Kita mo??? hahaha well part of our future endeavors haha


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