Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FLASHBACK: "Dorm-ing" Era

My cousin from Davao recently started going to UP Diliman for college. As he and his parents were busy preparing his stuff for the dormitory, I was lead to a series of flashbacks on my own experience in Cervini Hall, then the University Dorm at the Ateneo.

I hated the dorm when I started living there. Aside from the fact that it was my first time to stay far from my family, I disliked the idea of sharing spaces with strangers-especially the bathrooms. I remember crying a lot when my mom left for Davao and perhaps even three weeks after that.

But as years went by, I found warmth and security in that old place. I met new friends, learned new things (yes, vices!) and new tricks on how to become independent at the same responsible for myself. Simply put the dorms became an extended definition of home.

I've rummaged through my old photos and here are some of them:

During our OrSem after the mud crawl

Lights at BelField, Christmas '04 (WEW camera phone!!!)

My corner in my room (ansabe ng bigote?)

Roommate Van and semi-roomie Clark
one party I hosted

side story: The photo above was taken during the CERSA Variety Show. It was "illegal" to bring drinks but I sneaked them in. Our drinks were better than what was sold at the concert so I ended up having quite a number of strangers in my room HAHA

I miss Cervini and UD-North. I come to visit often but its still different when you could walk around in your pambahay or come home to it drunk and wasted. Given the chance, I'd like to spend one night there again. With fellow dorm alumni para fun! :D


  1. OMG!!! lalaki ka pa mga sa mga pictures oscar.. hahaha.. oo nga, ansabe ng bigote mo? hahaha.. mishu teh! - ganda

  2. fekyew ka hahah ganyan talaga, pre-SWAN days pa yan hahah parang duckling pero definitely not ugly. choz. I miss you! Too bad i can't go to the shang thing today :(

  3. Oh my gulay. May bigote. Ang panget. You were a pretentious hetero male. PRETENTIOUS.

  4. HEH. thats what you call behaved days haha


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