Monday, June 21, 2010

Something to Watch-out For!

I spent the whole Sunday shooting the virals for OneCORE. We created 4 separate videos that hopefully will help us spread our advocacy of self-awareness and development to more and more young individuals.

Call time was at 7:00 AM. Coming from watching world cup (yehes!) and with roughly 3 hours of sleep, we met at Coach Pia's house to do the shoot. Thank you to the Acevedo family for sharing your beautiful house and the delicious food that was served. Grabe, food was round-the-clock parang piyesta lang. AHAHA

Here are some of the behind-the-scene shots taken during the shoot

First video was taken in the playground in Xavierville 1. Ansabe ng dolly? Full prod kung full prod noh?! This was actually a guerrilla shooting and our attention was called by the Association Director. Oops. Good thing we finished right before they went back to check if we were gone!

Setting up for the next video. We turned the house upside-down! That table had to be moved from the right side hence notice the sofa partially outside HAHA

Actors taking a break! Sir Boom displayed intense acting! Na-FELT ko talaga ang tension! Even in this picture he was in character!

After dinner we transferred to the office to shoot the last of the 4 videos. Here's a picture with the actors, our co-director and producer, Saz and our ever reliable kuyas.

Actors reviewing the scene that was recently taken. The guy in white was our director, Neil. This guy really has the talent not only on the technicals and aesthetics but also in coaching people on how to act easily yet effectively.

And that's the wrap! Packed everyithing up at 11 PM. WEW 16 hours of shooting! Definitely tiring but it was a great experience and a day well spent.

You might be wondering what my role was. Shempre, as usual, magmaganda. CHUICE. I was there to supervise everything and had the chance to play extra too!

I would now like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for this very successful endeavor:
  • The Acevedo household for the location and food
  • Armand Sazon of Sazon Media Solutions for co-producing, co-directing and playing some parts
  • Neil for the excellent directing and hopefully superb editing
  • Cinerent kuya's for the support and assistance in set-up, lighting and dolly and mic operations
  • Actors: Auee, Tim, Sir Boom and Lippy. Yehes sisikat kayo ng bongga!
  • And of course to Mr. Ariel Diccion for the outstanding and inspiring performance as lead actor. Grabe. You truly are talented and we will forever be grateful for sharing your talent.

EXCITED??? Watch out for the video premiere soon! (meganon?)


To know about the OneCORE Success Center visit

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