Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anatomy of Road Recklessness

Yesterday, we went to Cavite to commemorate the 40th day of my uncle's death. On our way back to Manila, we decided to take EDSA because I had to be dropped off to a friend's overnight housewarming party somewhere in Mandaluyong.

At around 11:45 PM along Bicutan we got a call from my tita asking for help. She said they got into a hit-and-run incident along EDSA-Ayala. All they can remember is that they got hit by a white vehicle, unsure whether it was a car, truck or bus.

When we got into the site, this was what we saw. The wind shield cracked, and the trunk got all smashed. (Apologies for the bad quality, they were taken using my phone)

We checked on everyone on board. Good thing they weren't wounded but their backs hurt due to the impact. My tita was in panic. Imagine getting into this accident with no one to go after for the damages.

In a few minutes, people from the MMDA arrived. They said that a white Ford Escape was responsible and it was flagged somewhere down the road.

Notice the small damages. What is matibay. But the impact was really hard because the airbags were released and the vehicle automatically shut down (ganun pala yun?)

The driver, a woman in pajamas, quickly went out and started apologizing. She was hysterical-wailing and hugging my tita! A van later arrived with the woman's parents and uncle. They gave us her business card and begged that they just discuss things the following day since they need to rush their daughter to the hospital as she was already hyper ventilating. We decided that my tita and her family join them to Makati Med for check up. Good thing they agreed.

The MMDA guys and the offender's uncle decided to tow the cars to a talyer somewhere in Bangkal. I was asked to ride the damaged car so as to secure all their stuff inside. They refused to start the car because the last time they did that, it went in flames including the driver (and that story was told while I was inside it. WEW.I immediately said my prayers HAHA)

After parking the cars, the MMDA guys went off quickly. The offender's uncle shared that those officers asked for Php 2500 EACH for their services. NO RECEIPT WAS ISSUED. Ang kukupal!!!

We then went to Makati Med to meet my tita and her family, They were ok, no fractures whatsoever so they were discharged immediately. We brought them home to Antipolo and then went back home at around 4 AM.

The two parties will just be talking in the next few days to settle the damages.

Side-story: We later found out that the offender was just 20 years old. She had a few drinks and decided to sneak the car out to go to his boyfriend in Antipolo who was trying to break up with her. In the hospital, she was threatening her parents that she'll commit suicide when they get home.

It just sucks when you have been very careful and responsible while driving and some reckless, irresponsible person causes you harm or even your life! My tita and her family were kind enough not to press charges anymore but we hope that girl learned her lesson! She shouldn't be allowed to drive anymore. More so, she should seek professional help NOW.

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