Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exploring the Idea of Sex

WEW. Shocking?

I recently read an article in Inquirer (here) Sex Ed Tips: Stick to Anatomy, Don't Say Bird or Flower by Tarra Quismundo.

"Straightforward language and an emphasis on values are the keys in teaching children about sex without provoking malice and undue curiosity, said Emmalyn Policarpio, a public school teacher since 1998.

She has found that using the exact terms instead of cloaking sensitive words in euphemisms worked in bringing the message to her Grade 5 students."

I never had a formal introduction to the idea of sex. The earliest concept I had was courtesy of Regal Films. Two people in bed with blankets on their bodies- men up to their hips while women just enough to cover their breasts. Sometimes, the woman lights a cigarette and then BOOM! Baby na agad! I have a friend who thought that kissing will simply do the trick.

My parents were wise enough to give me a "growing up" book which discusses all aspects of puberty- from grooming to psycho emotional issues to sex education.That's where I learned things on a very scientific level. No more birds, bees or flowers.

I believe that it helped me a lot in terms of facing this very natural tendency. Unlike other kids who cringe every time people talk about sex, I was able to take it on a more comfortable and mature perspective even at a very young age.

I pity those who even in their adult years are still very uneasy during sex talk. I had a Values Education teacher back in high school who could not say "sex" during our class because according to her "I have said THAT WORD for more than six times already within the day" Seriously, that was pathetic. HAHA

Hmm, cringing now? So what was your initial idea of sex? and how were you able to get past the "shhh that's taboo" phase? or were you able to go beyond it already?


  1. First learned about Reproduction in Grade 4. You know, that women get impregnated when the sperm and the egg unites. I think it was also through movies that I learned about sex - the actual penetration of the penis into the vagina, exactly. In HS, the s word was a taboo. I think I got over it in college, when my friends like Koi and Mika and Tim and Ian just said the word a million times and openly talked about it. Haha. I think it was also the growing feminism among our batch in DS wherein some friends and I would openly discuss about the RH Bill, Sex, and Protection.


  2. Ang explanation sa akin:

    Kapag mahal na mahal ni Daddy si Mommy, papakainin niya ng madaming pagkain si Mommy hanggang tumaba at lumaki ang tiyan. Tapos yung pagkain sa tiyan ni Mommy magiging baby.

    I think I bought that explanation upto when I was 9 or 10 (I think I also bought the idea of Santa Claus upto this age) - by this time, the concept of penis and vagina were discussed in grade school class.


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