Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yes, the manly side

So I've been watching FIFA World Cup lately. I've known bits and pieces about the games but I've never tried watching a full game. Lately, I've been giving it a try ( thanks to Margie Lim) and I can honestly say that I'm having fun.
Smorgasbord. chuice

So for the past week I've been catching some matches at Cantina with friends over bottles of beer. Also, Balls has been one of my most frequented channels on TV ( I always skip the string of sports related channels).

Yesterday, we went into karir mode and drove to Friday's in High Street to watch with some hardcore soccer enthusiasts.

Lumevel-up from Cantina, anoh?

The game was Netherlands vs Japan- Netherlands won 1-0. Sadly, the people there were not as "invested" as we expected. There were some Japanese watching too but they lacked the national pride (meganon?) to cheer loudly. Funny that we had to go back to Cantina for the next game and had more fun there.

I find myself pretentious to say that I'm totally hooked in the game but it's worth researching and appreciating- both the game, and the boys CHUICE. And I wouldn't be surprised if I'd be a fan in the future. Or fly to wherever to watch it live. HAHA


  1. Koitipoo! My name is here again!

    Ok lang, pwede ka na maging pretentious after 8 years. haha. Ummmm can I sleepover sometime this week. As in weekday:)

  2. yeah isa nalang bingo ka na HAHAHA SURE!!! when? with argentina match?:P

  3. Yes let's have a sleepover for the Argentina game. June 22, against Greece.


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