Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What has gotten into their minds? Again...


Jailed Ampatuans throw party for Visitors

By: Tetch Torres and Mico Morelos

"MANILA, Philippines—“Nobody,” the catchy dance tune by the Korean pop group Wonder Girls, was blaring out of the loudspeaker on Saturday afternoon at the detention facility holding the principal suspects in the Maguindanao massacre.

It seemed to be providing the party soundtrack as the Ampatuans, accused of orchestrating what is considered the country’s worst political bloodbath in recent memory, welcomed visitors to their cells and treated them to fast-food fare."

Are they a bunch of lunatics or were they possessed by the devil? They really have the weirdest minds. From a bloody murder

to a fashion blunder (mag lacoste turban ka nga!)

and now this (choz ang pic ah!)

This is clearly a mockery of our justice system. But wait, jail guards and wardens seemed to agree to this fanfare. Well no wonder they can make fun of us just like that.

Now that the two most powerful people in the land have been determined, I sincerely hope things, such as this, would begin to change.


"INQUIRER.net sources also recalled seeing children at the party. It was well under way at around 3 p.m. on Saturday and Jollibee products were served, they added."

The kids will be needing psychological help as well. We do not need a fresh breed of lunatics.

Full article (here)


  1. Does the Philippines really have a justice system? I feel like our Supreme Court does nothing.

  2. we do naman. its just that it is full of anomalies rendering it ineffective


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