Friday, June 11, 2010

Looking the Weather

After the intense heat that fried my brains for 4 months, it feels good slowly welcoming the cooler breeze and the little drops of rain. Sometimes its jirits to walk over puddles and get splatters all over but I love the rainy season more than summer :P

The change in weather also signals a change in the your look: Thicker clothes, more jackets and scarves, boots and yes, umbrellas. And to celebrate the coming of the cooler days, I've browsed through some of the designers' 2010 fall and winter collection.

I found myself drawn to those that create a right mix of plains and prints (not the brand). Also those with a properly put-together pallete of dark hues with bright explosion of colors. It speaks well of who I am-serious and proper with a twist of fun and laughter (Chyeh!)

Dries Van Noten

I especially find that electric blue vest very interesting and how the stripes complemented the pattern on the shirt. The second picture had muted colors but the checkered pattern made the whole outfit stand-out!

Paul Smith

Teal worked well with blue violet. This ensemble had more patterns but it doesn't look over-the-top.


This is a simple black and white but the stripes are bold enough to create an impact. Notice how the jacket was rolled up to reveal more of the pattern making the outfit very interesting.

Maison Martin Margiela

Here's another simple one but notice how he played around with the fabric combination. Also, the silver belt looks exquisite.

Well, time to beef up my wardrobe! I surely could not afford these ( YET, i hope!) so ill trust my creativity and patience to look around to find similar pieces and reconstruct similar looks :)


  1. Nice Nice. :) I want to buy a pair of harlem pants but they don't look good on me! sadness. I have to get thinner first.

  2. ay me too! i tried on a pair pero it doesnt look very nice on me. im thinking its just that wrong pair. haha i miss your crassness! :D


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