Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Chicken-ing Out!

I'm sure everyone has heard about Max's Chicken-All-You-Can. I first knew about this treat when I saw the billboard along EDSA-Kamuning. I must admit, I wasn't attracted to the promo, I was captivated (CAPTIVATED?!?!) by the kerreh mowdel.

Eeek! Che. Landi!

So last night, I finally gave in and went to SM Marikina to try it out! When we got to Max's we were #8 in the waiting line. My gulay. I was so hungry and ready to devour birds! Chuice! So I went around to shop for some beauty products (?!?!) aka toiletries haha until we were next in line.

Fullhouse in the House that Fried Chicken Built

And so, the chicken challenge began! I had 4 quarters all in all. That's 1 leg and 3 breast parts. If you know your math, you may assume that yes, it was like eating a whole chicken. I had rice only on the third round para sulit hahah. Here they are!

The poor victims. Masarap kayo in fairness. Left to right: Chicken 2, 3, and 4. No photo op for chicken 1 because I was so hungry and ate it immediately.

With me are other bird eaters who most, I think, devoured 1 whole chicken each. Not in the pic are Ate Ria, Renmar and Gay who stayed in the next table.

Meggie, Sir Boom, Sir Miko and Mika "mowdel ng sarsa" Millar

Candid Vanity shot alert!Chicken pa? Ayoko na plez!

After piles of chicken, of course everyone is left with piles of bones.

Because the promo is until 10 PM only we had to stop. Upon leaving, I swear not to eat chicken for a week at least. Seeing another one will perhaps make me barf.

This morning, I skipped breakfast to watch the Inauguration on tv. Went down to the kitchen only for lunch and TADAAAA!
Nyeta chicken na naman?!? This time with mushroom sauce

Thank God there was beef steak leftover from dinner last night. Kebs na kung leftover lang

SLAMAT LORRD for the beef steak! Choz

If you haven't tried it, Gow na! Its until July 17 only. Sulit na after 4 parts . I've known people who went there more than once already. Grabe lang!

From June 17 to July 17, 2010 Max's Restaurants nationwide will be serving unlimited quarter-sliced chicken pieces for Php 165.00 to diners from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm daily. By adding PhP39, customers can also avail of bottomless Pepsi products.


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