Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Risk of Wearing the Filipiniana aka The Sungay Post

The national wear of the Philippines include the Barong Tagalog for men and the Baro't saya for the women. Though there has only been one look and form of the Barong, filipinas even since the colonial era have long been experimenting on their dresses hence we have all sorts of Maria Clara's and the more common ternos.

An authentic and vintage Filipiniana dress

The Filipiniana outfit has a lot of uses. For one it is considered a formal attire aside from the western suit and the bow tie. If you grew up in the Philippines, for sure, you have worn it during Linggo ng Wika or United Nations day. Kung lalake ka, chances are nasuot mo na rin as a ring bearer, grooms man, best man or ninong. Also, I remember during the Philippine Centennial Celebration, all government employees were mandated to wear filipiniana every monday.

One more use of the Filipiniana is during the Flores de Mayo/Sagala. This is the time when the outfit becomes more costume-y and outrageous. May mahabang slit, maraming anik-anik, feathers, BARBED WIRES (choz) or even pets (OA!)- just to make the outfit stand-out. For example:

I have no idea who they are so I will spare them from my harshness. Chuice.

If there's one person I really admire for continually reinventing the terno without turning them into an amoeba/microorganism-like outfit, it would be none other than Madame Imelda Marcos.

Timeless elegance. She can go from simple to pucci-inspired. From long gown to just below the knee. From neutrals to high-brights

Indeed, wearing the Filipiniana has been a risk for every Filipina. Its' a make or break. Either you flaunt it or you FLOAT on it. Chez-pimiento. It's the same butterfly sleeves but at the end of the day how you wear it boils down to taste and class.

So much could be noticed and said during the Aquino Inauguration. As part of the tradition, the outfit is filipiniana. And oh boy-tito-boy (jirits?) some did it impressively while some... depressingly.

Let the okrayan begin. Wag pikon ok?

But first, people who played it safe deserved an applause.

ABS-CBN Execs Cory Vidanes and Charo Santos looked regal in their neutral colored gowns. So did Kim Chiu. Mylene Dizon, although in an uncommon black, looked dainty and respectable. Sadly, Cherry Pie had the basic cut and design but her colors made her look like a gum ball or Aquafresh toothpaste.

As always, the Hontiveros sisters looked elegant. Before they looked like twins pero wait, Pia appears aged, noh? Is she really older than Risa? Please confeerm.

Then there are those who tried to innovate and still made a terrific job!

I love the fresh cut of Chynna's Dress. Very youthful yet simple. Tapos kinarir nalang ang accessories. And the killer stilettos were perfect!

Of course, the presidential girlfriend Shalani Soledad who came in a Rajo Laurel. Simple cut but with tasteful draping and beadwork. I must say, she's ready to become first lady!

The ever classic Agot Isisdro came in a feminine barong and finished it off with a pair of drop pearl earrings. Ganda lang.

And there are those who tried to be creative but failed.

Lani Mercado looked every inch like a ninang. Na natipilok sa isang kalderong kanin. Choz. Sama.

Finally there were those who really failed. Bordering on Poon and Flores de Mayo level

Sta. NINA!? Hindi ko ma-explain

And although I admire her vocal prowess and her charm what happened to Regine?

Excuse the irreverence but I really think they could have a "Who wore it better" match with

Sorry. Mangungumpisal po ako bukas.

And ohmygulay. Not 1 not 2 but 3! Powerpuff girls much?

Halatang inspired by
PAK. Choz lang AHAH

And so the next time anyone is asked to wear Filipiniana. Let us all remember the basic design rule ok? KISS. Keep It Simple (Stupid!)

Meganon? Bye...lamos!

Inauguration Photos courtesy of Noel Orsal of Check the rest of the album (here)


  1. Funny ka. I agree with your comments though.

    Si Charice parang Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs-inspired filipiniana. I like Mylene Dizon's black filipiniana and Chyna's yellow one the best. :)

  2. i know right! :) and yeah i guess we have the same taste. ever since. EVER SINCE????


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