Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eye IN the Storm

It's raining hard outside. I can't even go to the garage without getting a little wet. I'm guessing (Lola) Basyang is raging!

Inang ang puso niyo!

And while I make myself warm and cozy with a blanket...and admiring beauty that is heaven-sent

Chuice. Jirits

I can't help but worry about those who don't have a decent roof above them.

Taken during a photoworkshop activity of AChesS in a GK Community in Marikina circa '06

Thank you Lord for the privileges you have given me! I feel very blessed. Grant that they who do not have shelter be safe in these times of calamity. Amen.

Have a peaceful night everyone! Keep safe and beware of the wrath of the old lady. On a positive note, Pag-asa reports that Basyang might be able to raise the water in Angat Dam to about 2 meters.


  1. Sorry. Natawa ako sa photo mo ng iyong heaven sent beauty. :D

  2. koi, that was my mirror back in college.. at talagang background ang area ko sa dorm.. hahaha.. namiss ko na ang ISO at ang mga ISO girls..

  3. haahahah tro! 3rd year college pa ata to. And i miss iso too! :D

  4. lolz. siakt naman ng room namin! :))

  5. tuhmuh! I miss ISO!!! matulog tayo lahat once dun kahit overnight lang!!! haha


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