Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Singing in the Rain!!!

It rains every afternoon. And that sucks. Just when everyone is about to head home, the rain pours so hard coupled with strong winds that cause extreme traffic.

But that is not my concern. Since I take the LRT everyday, I feel the hassle of accidentally stepping on puddles. Its not just water, ok. It's murky water and God knows what that mixture is made of! Let me guess: dust, garbage and rat pee? Kadiri. Stop na.

The leather shoes I wear are not water proof and I cannot bear the idea of those stuff in contact with my feet. Yuck noh. To quote Vic Sotto in a commecial "Germs, germs geeeeeeerms!" And so for the longest time I've been looking for the perfect rain boots.

Option #1: The ever realiable bota.
Available in all department stores for less that 500 bucks I think. So cheap but I do not want to look like a gardener or a fireman so, no thanks!

Option #2: Plueys

French lace talaga dapat ???

They have a lots of designs from florals to cartoon characters. Too cute for me. And I think its just a glorified bota. Next!

Option #3: Leather boots


Cowboy? or Dominatrix (WHUT?!) Never mind.

Option #4

Chuice lang.

I felt hopeless looking at my options until I found these while I was surfing the net one day

Introducing the Nike Storm Warrior Hi

It has much of its bota heritage with the rubber-cover shell

With the patent leather-vinyl composite making it waterproof!

Don't you just love them? These are the perfect rain boots! Water proof na, agaw eksena pa! I'd like to get the blue one!

And wear them with this.


Seriously, I haven't seen these in the malls. Do you know where I can get a pair? Hurry before letter Y typhoon comes!


  1. Hi! Got your blog link from Pia M.'s twitter. Nice posts you have here. You made me smile several times :) BTW, have you heard of UGG boots? They also have nice styles for both men and women.

  2. Hi Ruth! Nice meeting you! This really came in as a surprise haha Thank you for your kind words! I love your blog! So full of useful information :D Im definitely checking it out often.

    Oh yeah! I've heard of the ugg boots. They're cute :) Where are they available here in Manila?

  3. Hi Koi, sorry, I have no idea. I only see my friends in the US wearing UGG boots in some photos and found those footwear such eye candies. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing a pair. Hanggang tingin na lang muna :p

    I'll give you a heads up in case I hear anything about a store selling them in the country though :)

  4. Yey thanks Ruth!

    I learned about ugg boots from a friend in New York! She told me they were super comfortable. Pero back then they only had the simple designs which looked like loaves of bread. Just learned that they have evolved in terms of style :D


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