Friday, July 9, 2010

Raid to! Walang gagalaw!

Raids are such a pinoy thing. I guess because anything "illegal" is attractive and is definitely a lucrative business. And so we have all raids on tv and on paper- drugs, pirated dvds, porn, fake goods and prostitutes. Beautiful people like me too. Chuice

For now, kalimutan muna natin ang mga yan and let's focus on something glamorous! The Bag-Raid!

I believe this was popularized by SNN on ABS-CBN where they ambush a random celebrity to pry into their bags hopefully finding interesting stuff to talk about. Some people claim that your bag says a lot about you as a person. So kung walang laman, useless ka daw na tao. Chuice. haha

Anyhoo, here's a very interesting bag raid of the one and only fighter wife Jinkee Pacquiao.

Ok nakakaloka ang CASH! Kabugin ko kaya with gold bars??? Baka scoliosis ang labas ko nun.

And so, people tried to copy this trend. Here's one of the best. I saw this months ago and I must say I still laugh hard whenever I watch it. Tamang gaga lang. Enjoy!!!

Up next, KAYO! So be prepared to surrender your bag and precious possessions!



  1. Branded yan, Triumph yan!

  2. bwahahah gusto ko yung george and ice...ah, avon! hahha

  3. Koi, remember my annoying habit in high school of going through people's bags? :)

  4. o yes! as in ginugulo mo ang buong bag! nakakaloka! you over with that? haha


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