Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No More Purple Dinosaur!!!

Piracy is so rampant in the Philippines, I really think its impossible to stop it. No matter how many raids they do, stalls selling pirated goods will always sprout like mushrooms.

One of the most pirated items would be DVD's. From movies to TV series to porn you will surely find them at least 5 kilometers away from where you are right now.

We do have some pirated DVD's at home too including my nephew's kiddie shows. One of them is Barney.

I love you, you love me! Cheka!

Looks harmless noh? And according to the label its recent. 2010 daw eh! Flipping the case you see all the episodes inside the cd.

24-in-1!!! Handamiiii!

The quality was good! Clear, crisp audio and video. In fairness, sulit! But wait!!! When I looked closely at the images, I discovered something strange bordering on freaky.

Ok so sa normal muna tayo

And then, I no longer get what Barney wants to say

Or do
Marvellous manners for Halloween? Ano daw? Wrong spelling pa!

Or go
Is it our space or outer space? Either way WAVES TO BARNEY!!! WAVES!!!

or who Barney is really
BARNE??? Paka slang naman!

and then it becomes freakier...

WTH is a kinky nurse doing with Barney??? And it says MAKE BELIEVE!

Also, who the hell is this woman???

Last and the worst

MONSTER BARNEY!!!! For sure ayoko makipag ready, set and play!!!

WOW LANG. What were those pirates thinking? Now I'm afraid to watch Barney shows. Baka kung ano pang makita ko noh!

So guys, let's boycott pirated items ok? Torrent nalang. Chuice:P

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