Sunday, July 11, 2010

Be Green-Minded

If you have been quite familiar with current events then you should be aware of stories of sink holes, earthquakes and massive algae attacks in China. It's freaky that we might be living in the end of times as suggested by natural calamities left and right. It's even scarier to think that 2012 might be true. HOMAAAAAAYGOOOOD (Panikera lang?). Well one thing's for sure, Mother Nature is raging.
Antaray! What is fierce. Chuice.

Thankfully, we have people who still care about the environment and they try very hard to invent or innovate things that are eco-friendly. More and more creative geniuses are joining the Green Bandwagon which is very good since a lot are becoming aware and sensitive of what should have been everyone's responsibility of stewardship. Take for example these:

This is the Life Box created by Paul Stemets. Seeds are embedded within the cardboard so after use, you can just throw the box in your backyard and voila! A tree will grow! We should seriously adopt this concept since Pinoys are fond of sending balikbayan boxes. Imagine, from your box will sprout an apple tree. Diba bongga? Huwag lang balete medyo nakakatakot!

This one is cute. It's called Foldaway Bookshop! Yes, not just a shelf but the whole bookstore!!! It was created by Campaign Design made entirely of cardobard. Imagine doing this for any fair or bazaar? As long as we use recycled cardboard then all is well.

Got some old heels? Why not make them into planters!

I'm guessing it's something Madame Imelda would not approve of but it's time to put those worn out stilettos back to business!

Then there are some really bizarre ones! In all fairness, they are still ingeniously conceptualized and created mejo weird lang talaga.

Created by Larissa De Souza Varges these Human Hair Accessories are inspired by old traditions where mourners would make jewelry out of the hair of their departed loved ones. She makes some that are not for the grieving as well but seriously, would you wear a lock of hair from someone else? What if it's from her? Payag ka?


Then, Kai Yeung Yau creates jackets made out of old VHS tapes.

It's good that we can finally make use of old tapes especially in this age of digital media. But doesn't this remind you of


Finally, Two Brazililan designers, Martina Pagura and Pedro Nakazato created the W/Air which filters air pollution and provides you with fresh oxygen as you breath.

Quite ingenious but you will definitely look weird wearing it. Parang kang may nakakahawang sakit!

Well, we may not all be brilliant enough to invent these things but I really hope we do our part in saving the environment. I believe that by doing simple things like throwing your trash or cigarette buts in the proper garbage bins, or turning off the lights when not in use or carrying an eco-tote with you when you shop will make a huge difference!


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