Thursday, July 29, 2010

Smelling Dreams to Reality!

If you guys still don't know, I graduated with degrees in Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering. (woooooooh bagyong Milenyo!). I honestly still can't figure out how I managed to complete the five-year program but thank God, I did with an honorable mention and a program award in tow ( wooooooh bagyong Reming!)

Graduation '08 With the rest of the Chem block.

The field of chemistry that I am really interested in pursuing is perfumery. Having been raised by parents who are in the cut-flower business, I have been exposed to all sorts of orchids and ornamental plants. I remember one time I tried boiling dendrobiums just to extract its scent. Shempre it got all messed up and I ended scorching the kaserola. Sinturon tuloy ang inabot ko!

I really am determined to explore this field so I am constantly looking for opportunities for further studies in France. I found great ones which are expensive as well. Not unless someone can give me 2 million pesos then by all means GOW!

One day I chanced upon a perfume making class offered in Makati so I gladly signed up for a class last Saturday. The place is called Chemworld Perfume Factory which specializes in distribution of essential oils and pre mixed perfumes for small businesses.

I felt so kilig seeing the stuff they sold. Amber bottles of various scents were all around calling me (Katakot!)

I really found them lovely!

We were led into the training room and these greeted me on the table

Namiss ko naman daw kayo! Dati sukang-suka ako seeing you everyday! Chuice!

The lecture was short and very "googleable" We then did hands-on activities where we simply diluted the premix in various solvents. They gave me their version of Chopard Pour Homme Halo halo lang and then tadaaa! Perfume na!

Pa-epek lang yung blue color. Nag-inarte kasi!

Most of the discussion revolved around how a perfume business could make you rich. They taught us how to do pricing, sales strategies and told success stories. Honestly, I did not listen much. I wasn't interested in selling knock-offs (Ehem!).

What I wanted to discover was how to mix essential oils to make my own perfume.In short, I did not get what I actually wanted to learn. But at least, I now have a place where I can get raw materials for my little experiments at home. :)

(eksaherada lang)

Sidekwento: I got an email last month from a man named Nicolas de Barry. He offered to personally train me in his very own Chateau de Frileuse in France!

At first it looked dubious. My friends said baka pedo or human trafficker! hahaha pakasama. But look, he is apparently one of the top perfumers in Europe!!!

I felt honored having been invited by such a notable person in the perfume industry. Of course it came with a fee. Unlike the 2 year course worth 2M pesos, his 3-week program in France followed by distance learning sessions for a year would cost a little less than Php 300,000.00

Still pricey though but I seriously hope someone could sponsor me! Barya lang yan ng mga billionaires noh! Any takers? haha or if you could give me a lead to where I can get scholarship, I will forever be grateful!

Here's to making fragrant dreams happen!

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