Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Funny Surprise

There's something weird about Facebook lately. For the past weeks, I've been receiving friend requests from people I do not know- and I would never want to know who they are (snabera!)

Ok so some of them looked like jejemons so IGNORE! Funny that I had mutual friends with a handful but since I don't remember meeting them at all, may I pindot the ignore button!

I thought they were readers of this blog (Feelingerah?). After all, they began pouring in just when I started on this site. Later I knew that some of my friends had weird requests too.

Could there be some jeje plague attacking facebook? I really can't tell. bwajaja

But lo and behold, after not being able to log-on to FB because of Basyang, here's what greeted me this morning over tocino and eggs

Laglag kaluluwa!

I laughed really hard. Of course I knew this account was fake. What was interesting was we had 2 friends in common. Nakakajirits! hahaha

I've met Gerald before when they shot some scenes in the University Dorm for Tayong Dalawa. I even had a picture taken with him and some other guys BWAHAHA

Ngiting hanggang langit! Chuice.

He used to live in our village too! Until he transferred to a bigger home and got Ondoy-ed.

Heto akoooooo. Basang-basa sa ulaaaaaaaaan!

Sadly, our paths never crossed (CHE!) even if he was only two blocks away. And so, it was really impossible that that "gerald anderson" was him. Yet I would gladly wait for the day the real person adds me up. Until then...

Gondoh oh!


  1. Maybe the jeje are leaving friendster and moving to facebook? Oh god, sana naman no. Pero I just have to say, ANG LANDI MO PA RIN!!! EYELOVEET!!!

  2. i will take that as a compliment! THANKS!!!! chuice. and yeah, they are! i'm seeing people now who put weird characters before their names so that they'll appear first on the friends list. excuse me but so jeje!

  3. super lolz! :))

    at siyempre, kumusta naman ang paghintay natin kina gerald until 4AM! :D

  4. wag mo na ibuking na mega nag-antay tayo hahahahahahaahaha fan gurlz much?!?!:P


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