Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gusto mo ma-duling?

Have you ever heard of the Magic Eye? They were quite popular in the 90's-seeing them in walls of houses, mouse pads ( yehes!! para cool ang pc!) and t-shirts

Wikipedia reports that Magic Eye is a book that he books feature autostereograms (precisely, random dot autostereogram), which allow people to see 3D images by focusing on 2D patterns. The viewer must diverge his or her eyes in order to see a hidden three-dimensional image within the pattern. (Ok. Nosebleed)

Over the years, "Magic Eye" has become a genericized trademark often used to refer to autosterograms of any orgin. Parang "Tupperware" for any plastic container or "pa-Kodak" for taking pictures.

So ano ba talaga ang Magic Eye na yan??? Here's a sample!

Click this to see the image that you should be seeing

Its kinda painful to the eyes but luckily, there is a set of instructions on how to properly view the 3D Images here.

I first saw a Magic eye when I was in Montessori. Our classmate, Joey, brought a huge frame to school with weird colorful patterns. Teacher said it was painting with a surprise. Wew painting?a Cultured! And so we were seated in a semi-circle and she showed us the picture. And then she gave a warning: We had to be silent in order to see the 3D image. Naniwala naman kami. haha When I saw it, i shouted "Dinosaur!" Umm diva lang.

Ever since, I wanted a book filled with all those images. Bahala nang maduling ako. My classmate in grade 2 had this book and I was eager to get myself a copy. But she told me she bought it in NAIROBI! Kfoyn.

Recently I found a site that let's you make one! So cool! Obviously, I tried it out. But before that, magpractice muna tayo!

And here's my Magic Eye! I included a secret message in the 3D image. Use the comment box to tell me what you see!

WEW! Napagod ka?

Kamukha na kayo! Chuice.

Want you own Magic Eye? Click here


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