Monday, July 26, 2010

Childhood Niyo Rin Ba To?

When I was young I always looked forward to 10:30 AM on ABS-CBN. Ok its not Ang TV that shifted time slots but this was the time set for tagalized cartoons. Back then wala pa kaseng Nickelodeon, Kidzone, etc.

Over the years, I've watched quite a number of series especially during summer vacations. And with each show I learned to dream of things that I hoped someday would come true. (profound kahit bata?)

Of course we had the popular ones like:

Who could forget Cedie? A lowly boy from New York who later finds himself journeying to England to become a sole heir to a British Earldom. Seeing Cedie, I wished I could be a master in playing the flute. So that I can play my emotions away like him. Ganoooon? I got a bamboo flute but I never had the amor to play it often. I think because ampangit ng lasa. haha

And then there's Cedie's partner:

Princess Sarah!

Unlike the rags to riches plot of Cedie, Sarah Crew had riches to rags. I felt for her, seriously. A princess turned maid? Ang lungkot! I never wanted that to happen to me. All I wanted to happen was to become a princess all throughout. Chuice! Ahem. Alam na.

There were some less popular but equally good shows like:

Julio At Julia: Kambal ng Tadhana

Ok I found this show weird. For very obvious reasons, I had more intelligence then because I could never fathom (fathom?!?) how a chinese guy could have a blondie twin sister. I never wished for a twin though. I simply wanted special powers that could take anywhere I wanted to go.

Growing up a little older there was...


This cartoon show was major KILIG! An orphan finds herself a mysterious benefactor named Daddy Long Legs to put her through boarding school where he meets a cute lad called Jervis. And then after college she finds out that Jervis and Daddy Long Legs are one and the same! EEEEEK. So that time, all I wanted was to have romance as sweet as that. And Jervis became my one and only cartoon crush. Patay, confeeeermed.

You see, tagalized cartoons allowed me to dream. Sadly, none of these came true. JUST YET. I don't know how to play the flute, I am not in any way a princess, and all I got were a bunch of bad romance (BEM!). Oh well, never too late.

In other news, have you noticed a peculiar trend among some of the characters?

First they were these

Then Star Cinema created movie adaptations and that turned them to this

And oh well, I guess they went through similar childhood experiences that's why they ended up like this

Hubadera!! Chuice! Bwahahah



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