Sunday, July 25, 2010

Party Pilipinas, no not the show.

I love people. They energize me and they keep me sane. That's why I've always had a thing for parties and social gatherings. For me, its my way of connecting to who I am and who I am capable of becoming (meganon?)

Taken during Bono's Despedida at Picasso, Makati with CB 0809 loves

Given more time and money, I would throw simple, intimate get-togethers more often. They always have to be themed of course! Brothel houses, Playboy mansion and aztec sacrifices could be a great themes! (Joke lang. Halatang I watched House Bunny last night at HBO).

Back when I was president of Ateneo Chemical (then Chemistry) Society we would stage pirate, Hollywood and white parties. I also remember planning an elaborate Las Vegas party for my barkada in Davao during one of the semestral breaks but 2 days before the event, I had a 42-degree fever. Yeah, I'm hot like that. Literally. Chuice!

Anyway, looking through some stuff online, I found these really cool party accessories. The features are ingeniously conceptualized not to mention their hip designs. Exemplified fusion of form and function (Hinting more Christmas gifts now...)

Chips and Dip server! age. haha. Reminds me of my oil burner though which carries the same concept. But I love it!

Eto gusto ko to. I love sushi and I love wine. So let's volt in! Manly?

Tired of carrying two things at the same time? Like juggling between two boys in one twisted love situation? (HEH!) Why not put them together in one dish? Galeng noh?

This one is my favorite! Don't you just love it? Instead of putting everything on a table, just hang them! I dream of having one and using it for a party in an art gallery. Bishosa! Tapos mga nakasabit piatos, chippy, nova, ulo ng tao. K.

Then we have plates.

Slightly kadiri but I adore the concept. Love the idea of using it as a prank too.

Works both ways. Either you lose appetite so as not to gain weight or you become an emotional eater. haha

Anyway I am no Martha Stewart so I'll stop here. But I seriously want to throw if not conceptualize a party for someone soon. Any takers? It's going to be FUN!


  1. Koiiiiiii, I love your blog. Nasa Google Reader feeds ko na siya!

    And I also just watched House Bunny kagabi and was thinking of the Aztec party too! It sounds fun.

    I'm game for the party! :) Sooooooon. Miss you. xoxo

  2. Hey Pearl! Thanks! Na touch naman ako haha :D Mukha akong tanga last night kaka-tawa because of House Bunny! hahah When will we do the party? and where? hahaha hmm your resort game??:P

  3. ay double "t" pala dapat! haha pero favorite ko yan!

  4. I like things like these. I usually post photos of space saving and amazing gadgets too in my other blog: :)

    Gusto ko yung ants plate!

  5. i love your posts:) favorite ko talaga ang mga ingenious items haha. There's this shop in trinoma that sells cool gadgets kaya lang pricey. I forgot the name of the shop pero its near schu haha


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