Friday, July 23, 2010

How My Life was Shaped by a Kids' Song

Balloons are fun toys. When I gave my nephew 2 balloons this morning, his face lit up in gladness and he got all giddy hugging and tossing it into the air.

When we were young we were all taught how to sing this rather popular pinoy song "Ako ay may Lobo". If you can't remember check the clip.

Note: please teach me how to adjust this screen. It really looks bad lay-out wise

I really really think this is a very sad song. For one, he lost his lobo. And then, he found out that it popped. To add insult to injury, the song emphasized that he could have gotten food instead!!! Grabe naman, it paints R-E-G-R-E-T all over! Not to mention depression and despair. Harsh for kids!!!

I honestly believe that this song had a huge effect on how I handle money. Aside from the fact that I'm kuripot, I really make sure that my money is always well spent. I don't want to have regrets just like that kid who chose to buy a balloon than some food. Hence when I am about make a purchase, I contemplate on it real hard before I hand my cash over. hahah

To be careful with spending is of course a good trait. But to put too much prime on money is bad as well. Yes the best things in life are those that can't be bought. But there are still things that are of great value that you won't get if you won't spend for them. Kaya nga may kasabihang "spend wisely"

And speaking of lobo

Chuice! Noah na ang uso ngayon!

Have a great weekend everyone! Spend wisely!

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