Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's the SONA Fashion Show!

Ever since the Arroyo regime, I always made sure I'd be able to watch the State of the Nation Address (SONA). Well, GMA used it to brag about all her achievements and cover up all her dirty jobs but at least, we get to hear things on a more positive note. I also watch out for the future plans that our government wish to take and gauge whether I should build my future in the country or just leave for good. Ok I'm kidding. I'm an advocate of nation-building so the last thing I'd do is fly away.

Mixed reactions surfaced regarding P'Noy's SONA. Some people said it was too blaming while others think it was just right. I'm for the latter. Its the State of the Nation Address and I hope we can all stop denying the real state which is, we are in peril. What I really liked about his speech was his way of showcasing his cabinet members. It was a display of their competence and the president's confidence that I think we should all start having, until they become anomalous.

Simply put, let's give this administration a chance. Enough criticisms. For now.


Anyhoo (ayan na...) another thing I watch out for is the SONA Fashion Show. Yes, in this time of the year, people parade their barong tagalogs and ternos for all the world to see. Plus they get to say on camera "Oh this is by (insert name of designer)" Which is a subtle way of saying " I have pork barrel therefore I'm rich and I can afford a dress made by so and so"

As usual,no matter who made your frock, everything could still be a hit or miss depending on how you package yourself. Read related post here.

Let's start with the hits!

No. 1 on the list is our dear President Noynoy

Kerreh! Chuice lang!

I really think Liz Uy is doing a great job styling him. Now he looks dapper and far from being sloppy like he was just several months ago. Sana lang noh! His haircut is bagay too. Shows less of his bald spots. I should know. Nakakrelate na ako jan. Shet.

Then there's the ever fashyon

Risa Hontiveros

Risa came in a stylized tapis. Emphasis on stylized. That means made of expensive fabric with appliques. Baka daw kasi tapunan ni Clara/Gladys Reyes ng labahan at basahan siya ng MOD Magazine!!! haha

Always pretty

Audrey Tan-Zubiri

Her outfit reminds me of an onion. Sibuyas bumbay to be exact. But it was still very classy.

And of course

Now Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez

She looked like a goddess. She's not really that beautiful but she's white. Parang aparisyon. And the color suited her well. Very elegant! Not to mention the arm candy. (pweh dilf-hunter much?) I wonder how Richard feels? He must be drooling with envy... over the dress. Chuice!

Then there were those who missed. Let's start with the guys

Senator Allan Peter Cayetano

No. Colored barong is really tacky. Please keep that in mind.

And oh my gosh

Rep. Teodoro Casino

Can I call him bad boy? Not just because he is an activist and all he did was whine and complain and be bad but WTH is he wearing? Bad fit of barong. Bad fit of trousers. Bad shoes. Bad bag. Bad haircut. And don't get me started on the print. Nakakasuka. I get you and I agree but please channel your battle cries in session instead k?

Then the ladies...

Assunta de Rossi

Ateh late ka na for the Inauguration!!!! haha

and yes, I cried.
Pia Hontiveros

In my last post, I praised Pia Hontiveros but this is a nightmare!!! 1. Please explain this fabric and color palette. 2. She looked like an aged ninang and 3. WHY IS THE CARPET CONNECTED TO YOUR PUSON???

Wait there's more. I really feel lumalabas ang sungay ko but I can't help it. For this section, lets play fashion face off. If you don't know this think "who wore it better" or Victoria Valera of House of Ronaldo versus Vera Cruz of Vera Couture (updated?!). You be the judge.






Stop na! Again and again, K.I.S.S! Gets? Mwah!

Pictures courtesy of Sany Chua of PEP. Check the rest of the album here


  1. hahahaha good job gandah.. super agree ako dun sa comment mo kay pia hontiveros - parang pumunit lang dun sa carpet para itahi sa filipiniana niya.. hahaha.. :p


  3. Koi, this is so cute. I love it! Keep it up:)

  4. Tawang-tawa ako rito! Hahahahaha thanks Koi!

    - Kurt C

  5. @carmi: tuhmuh!!! thanks haha pero mas natawa ako sa comment mong "pumunit ng carpet" ahahh

    @auee: bwahahahahahahahah me too. chuice.

    @margie: I miss your pez! :D

    @kurt: Kurt! haha you're welcome! thanks for dropping by too hahha

    you guys have fun! :D

  6. 1. So magpapakalbo ka na?

    2. Audrey Tan's press = passe! Ugh.

    3. Risa = Ever classic (Almost Natalie Kidman-like)


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