Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[FLISHT] Past IS Past

There were trends in the past that I believe should just stay in the past. Yes, I know that fashion is a cycle. Some cool stuff before may wane and come back x number of years later. But there are things that I think are really baduy enough not to be resurrected.

In this new section called FLISHT (Fish + list gets?) I listed 10 things that should just be buried, canned or vaulted. Lets VAULT in! Chuice.

1. Tattoo Bracelet

Please lang. If you think you're cool for having a tattoo then fine. But having a fake one is just pathetic. Di man lang henna? (which is kinda tacky as well). Sold in the side walks, people wore them in their arms, ankles and necks. Kadiri. period.

2. Butterfly clips

I think all girls had this phase. They're cute actually. And the spring that makes their wings bob is ingenious. But one piece is enough. I had a carpool mate who once went to school with 8 butterflies on her head arranged to form like a crown. I swear, pwede siyang liparin nun!

3. Bubble bag

Its a crossbreed between a bag and a floating device. It came in different cartoon designs. May hello kitty, pikachu and doraemon! haha Di ko gets para san to? In case you get shipwrecked? Sold in sidewalks too, so +++ jeje factor too.

4. Shades Headband

I did not find any picture. But basically its a hybrid of bangaw shades that is slipped into a headband. So its as if you wear your sunglasses over your head. Sometimes, the shades are detachable and it becomes a clip. May sunglasses din ba in the middle of your hair?

5. Lighting shoes

Ok so for kids they're cute, but for adults, pwede wag? I think they could still be bought nowadays. Now with sound effects. AHAH

6. Colored Skinnies

I'd like to call these the GLOW pants. Not only because they seem to glow in the dark but you will definitely look like a fruit or a vegetable in it! haha yellow= banana; purple=talong; green=cucumber (celery kung shushal ka:P); orange=carrot; red=siling labuyo

7. Chained wallet

Gangster ka? Please lang. It looks like you have a dog in tow! Some people even play with it, throwing the chain out in circles. Not cool. Really.

8. Artista Notebooks

Joross? Juday? Jolina? Lidsay Custodio? Name it, the notebooks have it! Nakakaloka! My teacher Sir Ariel Diccion encouraged the whole class to get one for a Filipino notebook. I think I got Carlo Aquino HAHAHA But I beleive these notebooks have been banned by DepED. Thank God! Otherwise meron nang Charice, Santino or Agua Bendita!

9. Buddha Beads
Lets leave them to the Buddhist monks ok? They use it for religious activities. Not just as accessories.

10. Scrunchies

HOMG. What is this animal? It looks like a hairy worm on your hair!!! Kadiri . I know some even have beads. These are no longer cool trends-and they never were- but some people still wear them. For the love of God and Anna Wintour (meganon?) please stop!

So I'm glad for having been guilty with only two items. The notebook and... the Buddha beads. AHAHA but it was a necklace and it was in plain black. Quite decent still (defensive much?)

How about you? How many items are you guilty of having?


  1. May colored skinny jeans pa din ngayon! Haha! :D

  2. sadly yes... hahahah please ipapa-raid ko na ang mga nagbebenta. chuice

  3. hmm, ngayon ko lang to nabasa. weird.. binabasa ko kasi lahat. haha! :P i'm guilty of everything except the bubble bag, artista notebook, wallet chain and the shoes. :P


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