Monday, July 12, 2010

OMG Nightmare!!!

Not mine but my nephew's yaya.

You see, she had a dream that she was in a room full of ghosts. Kfoyn. Anong bago?

But, I was there in the room too. with my...


who was...

17 years old!

And then the yaya asked her

"Buntis ka na?"

OOOHHHHKKKAAAY. I'll stop here. Seriously, I really feel like barfing as I type this.


And so I pray that I may be spared from this nightmare as I go to bed tonight. Please po, give me rainbows and butterflies in my dreams. For more, i'd gladly take this

Chuice. Ang halay!


  1. WTH ANG HALAY NG LAST PART!! Poor bart simpson, I will never look at him the same way again...for using him as your kalowka pic.

    Si Rose or si ba ito? Diba dreams can just sometimes mean what your heart desires. So, she wants you to be straight so she can take care of your..uh, kids? HHAHAHA

  2. Hahahaha! KOI!!!!!! This blog entry gave me my first smile today!!! Chuice. HAHAHAH See you at work! :P

  3. hahaha at talagang dito ako magrereply kahit you are just 2 meters away. thanks! :D

  4. bakit? idol mo ba si bart? haha si Genalyn(!) uhhm ang masasabi ko lang sa desire na yan ay IN HER DREAMS! chuice

  5. haha! kaloka!!! di ka ba natatakot sa abs nila na pweding itupi? Parang pwedi siyang gawing ikaw ang palaman sa gitna.haha.


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