Sunday, July 4, 2010

TEA-nfairness (HEH!)

In the Philippines, you only drink tea if your either an english expat or an old man.

Ok not really. OA Lang. But there are only quite a handful people I know who are into tea. In fact, when I go to coffee shops, most people take coffee and not tea.

I only started getting the hang of drinking tea when I was 3rd year college. Back then I realized that it was more effective in keeping me awake and its lighter in the tummy. I've tried a lot of leaves and bags already. From the common English breakfast and mint to a more exquisite jasmine and ginger-lemon to a really weird Benguet herb tea. In fair masarap yun.

Each new flavor is an experience that appeals to all senses (pati touch?!) so now, I normally get tea whenever I hit Starbucks or any other coffee shop. Recently, I came across some cute stuff that would perhaps make any tea experience more exciting and fun.

It's a submarine tea ball! Cute noh? Just like me. Chuice. Basically you put the leaves inside and dip in a mug like a tea bag.

Speaking of mugs, here's something for the clumsy.

Ewan ko nalang kung mabitawan mo pa noh?

Sometimes when you pour in water, the handle of the tea bag falls into the cup. Hassle much. So here's an ingenious solution

Very political in nature. Wish there was a Pinoy Elections version. Or tipong Home Along the Riles Family. Pwede rin ang Gimik barkada haha

But this one is the cutest. Tired of the normal tea bag? Pwes!

Majirits ka sa kaladian

Its tea and origami combined. Very Japanese. But this product is made by Natalia Ponomareva- A Russian designer. Nyare?

So, even though Christmas is still 5 months away, you know what to get me. Thanks! Assumera?


  1. I only drink bubble tea. :)

  2. Tsaka, hindi ka rin feeling noh? As if naman bibigyan kita ng Christmas present.haha :)


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