Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dressing it the Ms. Universe Way! (1st of 4 parts)

One more week to go and its going to be the most beautiful day in the universe... Meganon?

You are right! If most guys wait eagerly for NBA finals, most pa-girls become ecstatic during Ms. Universe. It's like the Olympics of all beauty contests where the most beautiful, talented and smart (weh? di nga?) gather and vie for the title and the crown

Ay? May galit? Uyyy can't let go!

This year it will be on August 24 (Manila time) in Las Vegas. Just recently, they released the official pictures of the candidates in their long gown and boy it was a field day for me! BWAHAHAHA.

If you still don't know, I have posts where the main objective is to give reactions, criticisms, comments, fine...lait to what people are wearing. I'm not saying I am an expert fashion police. They are simply based on my taste and preference. Defensive???

Oh well, in the said set of pictures I have a total of 40 comments. 8 hits, 12 misses and yes, 20 FACE-OFFS hahah ALAM NA. But since it would be too tiresome to post everything in one go, I decided to slice the set into 4 parts. So in the next few days, be sure to watch out for them!


Because I'm good lets start with the hits.
Ms. Albania

I love how simple and at the same time complicated the dress is. Simple in terms of cut and color. The complexity comes in the intricate details which include layering of fabrics and the beadwork. She carried the gown well too :)

Ms. India

Unlike Albania which featured a very exquisite beadwork, India displayed less detail yet more sophistication. Main highlight is the draping which is difficult to achieve. But check out the beadwork on her left shoulder. Ganda lang! Binawi din niya sa headpiece which made her look like a grecian goddess (wrong country!)but nevertheless the outfit looked well put together. The color suited her skin tone too.

Of course, kahit sa Ms. Universe, we have misses. Lets begin...

Ms. Denmark

The dress looks ok pero teh, WHAT ARE THOSE HIDEOUS THINGS ON YOUR FEET? Sino bang pumili ng shoes mo at bakit black? hmm if i know, you borrowed it from...

Chuice! Photo courtesy of

Ms. Great Britain

Uhm as per category stated, its EVENING gown. Why are you in a NIGHT gown??? The black lace and silk fabric make the dress look like a lingerie! For the conservative ah kasi mahaba. HAHAHA

Ms. Guyana

The color is so loud its not bagay. Sorry. And is that a bejeweled PUSIT??? Ateh, this is Ms. Universe not the debut of...

Exorcist!!! Chuice

And now, for everyone's favorite portion!!!!

Round 1
Ms. Czech Republic . YUMMEH!

Round 2

Ms. Honduras. Pang Nutrition month!!!

Round 3

Ms. Guam. KADIRIIIIII! I hate higad!!!

Round 4

Ms. Greece. Sinong mas cute? hahaha

Round 5

Ms. Guatemala. Petrang Kabayo isdatchu???

Yahoo! 9 days to go! Watch out for parts 2 to 4 in the next few days!


  1. Girlaloo,

    Akala ko si India ay si Ms. Greece dahil naka goddess outfit siya!! Hahaha!

    Kadiri yung black sandals from SM sales lady. HAHAHA :D

  2. @Cheenee: AGREE!!! hahaha ang fierce ni india lovette!

  3. Bakit may mga pokpokish shots?!?


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