Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Video that Changed How I Look at Justin Bieber

The last time the world went gaga over a tweener was in 1995 when Universal Pictures released Casper the Movie...

Everybody remember Devon Sawa?

And now, girls and pa-gurls are again going crazy for a blond tweener. Who else but Justin Bieber.

Yeahboi! Cool ka?

His fans are from all ages. Now, even my niece has the "Bieber fever" - constantly looking for his videos on you tube. Well, I never really liked him even before. I think because he reminded me of...

Uy ang tanda na ni teh o!


Oh well, you know that people have gone lunatic over a person when they start doing weird things. Remember when Justin tweeted about his "girlfriend" Kim Kardashian? The poor lady got death threats from some rabid fans!

Honga naman, don't you think this is just too creepy?

I'm sorry ha I really can't help but put imaginary lines on these pictures:

Meanwhile, may nai-inggit on the side...

pwde ba...

Just tonight I came across this video on Justin and Kim's pictorials for Elle Magazine

O-M-G. After seeing the video all I can say is that this kid has a HAAAWT future. EEEEEW PEEEDOOOOO! Seriously, I think he has the spunk especially when he wore that black shirt. Myged sorry but I think I might have contracted the bieber fever as well. heehee

And now I can't wait for THIS! CHUUUUUICE!

Ok kadiri na. Bye!

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