Friday, September 3, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

BER months signal the beginning of Christmas in the Philippines. And so since Wednesday, I've heard quite a number of Christmas songs on the radio already and stores like Make Room and More (YES! Napadpad ako dun!) are beginning put some yuletide items on display.

Well, everyone loves Pinoy Christmas! It is has lots of unique traditions like hanging up the parol, or goinf to the Misa de Gallo or making a special place for the belen. But for the purpose of this blog (meganon?) I drew up a short list of things that have made Christmas a little more familiar to everyone...


O diba? White Christmas! Department stores stock up types of Christmas trees and for sure merong ganito! I find them tacky and ewan ko kung bakit pinagpipilitan ng iba na magka snow sa Pilipinas! haha

2. 1, 234,050,304 Christmas Parties

Yes, we all love to party. I think an average Filipino goes to 5-6 Christmas parties every year. Meron sa barkada, sa office/school, sa village, sa clan, sa friends ng nanay o tatay mo, sa barangay, sa liga (LIGA?!?!?). Point is ANDAMI. Sometimes may theme pa like White Christmas, Christmas in the Upper East Side (?!?), Christmas Disco, Christmas Around the World, Christmas in Silver and Blue, Come in Red or Green, Christmas in Sports Heaven (WEH?!?)

And when its a costume party, ever present ang mga "SLUTTY":



Slutty ELF

And jusko pati na...

Slutty REINDEERS!!!!

3. Monito/Monita

Of course every party may Kris Kringle. Pero hindi lang ordinary exchange gift ha! May requirements pa dapat like: Minimum of Php 500.00 or something personally made. And there's a very long list of "do not give me" like:

1. Towel
2. Figurine
3. Mugs
4. Photo albums/ picture frame
5. Towel
6. Candles
7. Alarm Clock
8. Cash
9. Gift certificates
10. School Supplies!


Oooh!!! Agree??? I think may National Convention every December. Chuice! I for one am a member but please, AYOKO NA MAG RENEW NG MEMBERSHIP THIS YEAR, OK LANG???

5. And finally, di siya mawawala. I think he reached the level of Santa Clause or Rudolph as a staple Christmas icon. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for

Jose Mari Chan!!!

Who could forget Christmas in Our Hearts and Perfect Christmas? In fairness, kumukita si kuya sa royalties every season!

Oh well, these are but some of some pinoy quirks every Christmas. Look around and realize that hey, Christmas is indeed around the corner!

HO! HO! HO! (Heh.)

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