Friday, September 10, 2010

What's for Lunch???

Random quick post! (Uuuuy bago!)

Went for a quick visit to my old dorm (Cervini Hall, AdMU) yesterday over lunch and I found the last pic below at the Cervini Cafeteria.

COOKING 101 with KOI

Yehes! Vintage!!!
OY RELAX!!! Hindi pa eto ang ulam, k? Chuice!

Pick your sahog! Rita Avila, Rita Magdalena (anyare sayo???) or Rita Repulsa!!!

Hope everyone's having a great holiday! :D


  1. Hwehwe! I love this Koi <3

  2. @pia: Thanks! parang bagong uso yang hwehew na yan? how do you say that?:P


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