Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mystica's big LEAP! not SPLIT!

We know her...Her blonde hair, her long nails, her outrageous outfits, her equally outrageous life story and yes, her signature SPLIT.

Yes, we know Mystica!

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry but the second she popped in my mind, I couldn't stop laughing. She was famous in the 90's up to the early 2000 then she vanished into thin air. So I tried searching online and look what I found! Looks like Mystica is making a comeback...

WEEEEEEEH??? A motivational speaker??? Anong nalunok mo teh??? With such a huge career leap I find this this is unbelievable. Well, sige na bilang it takes a huge amount of self-motivation to show-up like this


She has TONS of videos online and here's a sample. You be the judge :p

O, announce mo nga! You noowty girl! Chuice!
Speaking of career shifts, what if these people will suddenly decide to jump and do things differently???


Benjie Paras as Mr. Clean. In fairness, bagay naman daw!

If Disney will do a Snowhite : The Golden Age, the character could be played by Ms. Rosa Rosal! Perfect diba? I think dinonate na niya lahat ng dugo niya sa Red Cross that's why she is as white as snow. Joke lang po! :P

Shempre kung may Snowhite, may dwarfs! O Sexbomb girls, willing ba kayo to trade your long legs??? 7 lang ang kelangan pero ok na yan, at least may spare! Chuice!


Yes Madam! Lets put your psychic powers to excellent use! Manghula ka nalang ng weather! I bet mas effective ka pa sa Pag-Asa! Cheka!

5. Finally

Oh yes! SHE WILL LOVE THIS. Endless supply!! Ngayon, di na niya kelangan lumipad at maghanap ng pagkain. BUFFET KUNG BUFFET!!!

Going back to Mystica, who has Php 10,000.00 to spare? Libre mo ako and we can go to her talk together! HAHA

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