Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baroque Era

So everyone's excited for the second season premiere of Glee. Well #1 because we love the show and the music and of course #2, our very own Charice will be there!

In fairness, malayo na ang naabot ni 'teh. From a runner up in a local singing contest to a big star in the States, belting tunes with big people (literally!) like Celine Dion, Beyonce and Andrea Bocelli. Though I am also very excited to see her on TV and I know she will do a great job, I'm kinda worried about one thing- her diction.

Ok so I sometimes have barok moments too but not in front of the whole world! Yeah, she's got the twang twang pero minsan may sablay pa rin. Hmm, nag speech training kaya siya?

Yeheeees! I-tour mo naman kami sa BAKINGHAM Palace and sa Beeg Ben! Chuice! Sumobra yung screen, i know!

I guess being barok is natural to most Filipinos. I know of shushal friends who have their own barok moments too! Pati artista anoh!

1. The Diamond Star- Maricel Soriano

Are you FACKING my HASBAN??!? In fairness, bumenta rin sa akin yung "Huwag mo akong ma Terry Terry!!!" HAHAHAAH

2. Maja Salvador- Sorry pero eto mejo notorious

O diba? In 16 minutes may nalalaman siyang 40 meeneets na call, onehundrendtwnty texts na sun to sun and furtytexts to other networks!!! Haay Kalowka!!!

3. And of course, the Queen of them all- Marian Rivera

Mmmmmm, paki REMUB naman ng pimples ko!

And last. I dont know why but I can't get the codes to embed. So check the link!


Shet sana di ako mabarok anytime soon! HAHA baboo!


  1. haha.. super laughtrip! sama mo narin pati si Erich gonzales. Yung shampoo commercial niya! :))

  2. natawa ako sa "eto medyo notorious" kay Maja Salvador. LOL Um...medyo?

  3. Koi,

    Remember your "Stop me" sessions with Ostique in high school?? LAUGH TRIP!!!

  4. In 10mins mababarok ka! Choz.

    Sinong mas notorius - Maja or Marian? Ang wanhandredtwintytxt ni Maja sa SunCellular or ang byutifool ni Marian sa Nesvita?

  5. "Sumobra yung screen, i know!" - Bumenta to sa akin.

  6. @pia and saab: THAAAAANKS! :D

    @donna: HAHA Which one?:P

    @magel: Yes! Si Marian pa rin ang notoriously BYOOOTIFOOL

    @maan: oh yes!!!! shet i miss you guys!

    @anonymous and chrisahcie: Thank you! Spread the fun!

    @Mika: ateh maxipeel kasi si marian haha

    @tim: HAHAHAAH. Kasi baka sitahin ulit ako haha


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