Sunday, September 19, 2010

[Flisht]Toys R Us

When I was young, I had lots of toys that they occupied a huge cabinet back home. Most toys were robots, dinosaurs, cars, Lego pieces and yes, action figures (SAY?). But together with them are teacup sets, miniature cooking gadgets and a sewing machine.


Toys shape how a child grows. Give him a toy hammer and he will turn out to be a carpenter. Joke! But yeah, toys provide kids with early interests that could possibly be developed as he/she grows older. But what if you give him really weird toys- which actually exists? Ano na lang ang mangyayari sa bata?

I found this set of really odd stuff for kids and I think, these toys have inspired people to become who they are now. Oy, serious! Deh...

Ay grabe lang! May galit ata sa mga madre ang gumawa nito! haha sagasaan mo nga sila ng bowling balls! Well, I'm sure masyadong tumitig dito si Ate Guy!


Ano to? GMO?! or cross breeding? In fairness ang daming involved ah! Im guessing giraffe yung nanay and zebra yung tatay. Tapos malandi si mother and pumatol sa leopard. Di nakuntento pati sa elephant bumigay!

Feel ko eto ang inspiration niya...

RAAAWRR! Anong animal ka teh?


Afraid si Chaka Doll! But I guess favorite toy to nina...

eehihihihihihihi! eeelo sa inyu!

OHMYGOD WHAT IS THIS? So is this a girl, boy or a she-male? Nakakatakot ah! Shet baka dito pinaglihi si...

Nancy Navalta! Peace po!


Isa pa to! May baby bang ganito kadami ang buhok? Ay and take note, you can shave him!!! Eh eto kaya, sinong nagshave?!

Pa-volunteer next time!!! Chez!

6. Finally, spotted at a World Trade Center booth.

Ang halay ha! Not in public Please! And well, that's a shout-out to them too!


So what's your favorite toy when you were young?

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  1. HAHAHA! Seriously, you found that toy @ the AFFI show? hahahaha!


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