Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Air No Air!

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources recently warned Metro Manila residents on the alarming case of air pollution in the city.

According to DENR Secretary Ramon Paje, tests on air quality in the first half of the year showed an increase in solid or liquid particles suspended in the air “In the first half of 2010, it increased to 163 micrograms (ug)/normal cubic meters (Ncm). It’s really alarming."

The data were collected from at least 12 areas in Metro Manila, including those on EDSA, Espana, Taft and Katipunan. Suspended particulates from vehicles consist of carbon monoxide and sulfur molecules mixed with dust.

This is alarming especially for me since I work in Katipunan. Everyday, I take the LRT and walk beside cars, trucks, motorcycles and... yes, kerreh people (CHUICE!) Kidding aside, should the situations worsen, I believe time will come when people may have to start wearing masks.

I remember city dwellers (DWELLERS?!?) in Asia were forced to wear facial/ surgical masks on the streets due to the AH1N1 scare. What if mauso sila ulit? Well styles are available to make them cooler and funkier.

Anghel sa paningin, animal ang dating! Chez
Oh, this one is ingenious...

Diba? No need to take your mask off when eating. Funny lang yung zipper. Parang ngipin ng piranha!

Kung feel mong mayaman ka...
Yes! Louis Vuitton!

Well, if you really want to be earth friendly...

"Green Screen is made from pulp of fungal spores and filters bacteria from nasal passages. Another feature of Green Screen is that it can separate carbon-dioxide from exhalation. This feature allows the embedded seeds to germinate, form roots and later the mask can be planted directly into the soil." (Source)

Reminds me of

So far its ok to wear them. But wait, there are some masks that are ridiculous especially if you wear them in the Philippines

Mr Suave is that you!?

Feel ko normal lang to dati. But now, magkamukha na kayo...

Finally, shempre may pa-diva.

But wait, baka mapagkamalan ka...


Well, I still pray this time won't come. Apart from its such a hassle to wear a mask, wouldn't anyone want fresh air outside their homes? So lets try reducing carbon emissions ( eep!) and start planting more trees around :D

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