Friday, September 17, 2010

Papansin lang

I just realized that before Charice, another Pinay has previously conquered the international pop music scene. Ladies and gentlemen, do you remember her??

Ayayay! Josko si Ateh! Fierce-brosnan!

You might be wondering, ang random naman!!! Well, since I'm feelingeruh like that, her signature song has been my theme song for the past few days.


In fairness, she was born in the States so her twang-twang is kinda natural. But wait lumabas ang pagiging pinoy niya with a very malutong na "HA?!?!" Go back to 5:06-5:08. HAAHAHAHAHAH


Anyway, just so you know, I went home to Davao for 4 days and the most high tech gadget at home is a microwave oven... so walang internet! And going back to Manila, I've been quite busy with work.

But don't fret! (meganon?!) I will be back to blogging real soon!

Until then, Chuice!

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