Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Move over Lady Gaga!

Recipe to Become GAGA
( As in "ang gaga mo!" type of gaga)

JUSKO TEH!!! Anong nangyari sayo?!?!

Apologies to her fans but I think Rihanna has lost it. Ever since the violence and drama with Chris Brown (and perhaps the plastic surgery that followed), parang may turnilyong hindi na nabalik.

Over beer Ping, Tim and I discussed how Rihanna has gone a little crazy especially with her music. Right after playing the role of a punching bag, she released Rude Boy. Parang "sige teh gusto mo pa ng rude boy??? di ka pa nakontento??" Chuice!

And then there was Love the Way you Lie which was like "Ikaw na. Ikaw na ang martir!"

Suggest ko lang, baka gusto mo na rin kumanta nito...


So, move over Lady Gaga, a new GAGA is on the rise!

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