Sunday, September 5, 2010

Masama bang magtanong???

Last night, I attended the Alumni Homecoming of the Philippine Science High School system. I actually went there because our company had a booth. Coming there as an alumnus was secondary since the event was really for those who went to the Diliman campus. I saw a few high school mates though because graduates from other campuses were welcome to join the fun too!

I think I was wired to ask questions. Being trained in a science high school and having completed a degree in Chemistry, I was used to constantly wondering and asking how and why. In addition to that, being a natural chismoso, I was trained to ask who, what and when. DIBAAAA?

In this computer age however, if you have a question, Google has an answer! Sometimes you don't have to think of key words. Just type in your question and it will give you the answer that you are looking for. But there are still some questions that cannot be answered by the internet. I too, have some continually bugging me...

1. Cartoon hero transformations

Look at that!!! It took a full minute for Sailormoon to transform into a power girl! I wonder anong ginagawa ng kalaban while seeing this??? Does he/she watch in wonder also? Eh kung pinasabugan na si ateh habang nagtatransform??? D-E-A-D-S!!!

2. Kisses

Ok so we were all made to believe that kisses "give birth" if you regularly put baby poweder and wrap them in tissue. And we all know that this is not true. Antanong, SINO ANG MAY PAKANA NITO??? In fairness ah, pauso!!!

Now I think kisses have been elevated to a "Santa Claus status". Yung tipong you will have to go through a phase when you believe that this is true until you have a traumatic realization that everything is a myth. Even my niece and her cousins went through the kissess phase. This time, they will reproduce if you put them in water. In fairness, parang

"Cute" Gremlins!

Well, kung may dumadami man kapag nababasa, pwede eto nalang???


3. Jinky Oda

Pumuti ba talaga siya
because of GlutaMAX??? According to my friend Tim, he saw Jinky on the streets and yes, maputi na daw siya. But seriously, I dunno how "maputi" she really is now. Baka photoshop. If ever true, pwede bang itest sa kanya???

Eto naman...can't take a joke!

4. Jack and Jill

Gets niyo ba anong ibig sabihin? Its a popular nursery rhyme but I think no one really knows the meaning and the story behind it. Why did jack fall down? For more, why Jill came tumbling after? Hmm..

Possible Scenario #1: Jack and Jill were lovers. Jill got all panicky and she tried saving Jack by throwing herself down the hill.

Possible Scenario #2: Naturally when Jack fell, he poured the water all over and poor Jill slipped. Boba lang. Chuice!

Possible Scenario # 3: Inggiterra lang talaga si Jill.

5. Sanitary napkin

Some of the common brands are Kotex, Newtex and Sanitex. Tanong, ano yung TEX??? Textile? Texas? Texting (HEH!)?

6. Susy and Geno

You guys remember them? They visited schools all the time! And kids like me, went crazy when they were around. And because they are mascots of Sustagen, they hand out milk samples as well. But WHERE ARE THEY NOW??? Are they old? Were they kidnapped? SHET. BAKA PINATAY NI


7. Santa Clara and the Eggs

To make sure that it won't rain on any special day, you offer a dozen eggs to Santa Clara. I'm sure they get more than a dozen everyday so what do they do with all the eggs? Do they make egg cookies, egg pies or egg tarts? Do they give it to the poor? Kawawa if they eat them all! Jusko baka mukha na silang eggs! AHAH

In fairness, I tried searching for the answers on google. Either wala talaga or I'm just bad in researching. Got some answers?


  1. I think the reason behind Sailormoon's 1-minute transformation is for mere production value. I think that all these transformations are happening at the same time, and takes just about a second or two to happen, it's just that for impact and emphasis' sake, the shots have to be done individually. Imagine if you saw everything happen at once in a long or medium shot, e di parang nawalan ng impact. Parang...heh, baduy niya magtransform. Or done in close ups but the screens are split--your attention splits along with it. Di ba?

    Ganda ko. Shet.

  2. Sagot sa tanong no. 3:

    HINDI SIYA MAPUTI. I saw her without makeup and I ambush interviewed her and she's still maitim. I have video footage to prove this!

  3. @magel: Well said ate! You have a good point! at oo, ang ganda mo sa sagot na yan. haha

    @cands: ohmy penge copy tapos upload natin dito! :D

  4. Hi Koi,

    I think the tex in the name of sanitary pads stands for textile as the material used in manufacturing them are networks of fibers. So one of you're guesses are correct. Material scientist ka talaga:p


    Cands! Remember the time na tinext pa talaga kita nung nakita ko siya? Baka nga make up lang. Sayang hindi ko nacheck yung anit niya para maconfirm.

  6. @alec: AHAH in fairness! :D naresearch mo ba yan?
    @tim: in fair kung make-up lang maayos ang pag-apply. di obvious!

  7. Tim, dapat hinamon mo ng habulan. Kasi pag napawisan yun, makikita mong nabubura yung make up sa leeg dahil sa pawis. That would've been your window.

  8. Napaisip ako sa Jack and Jill... Bakit ba may crown si Jack? Prinsipe ba siya? Eh bakit siya ang nag-iigib ng tubig??

  9. Hi Koi... nakakatuwa ka talaga hahaha...naalala ko tuloy sila Susy and Geno, san na kaya sila ano?
    infairness kakamiss den sila ah :)


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