Monday, September 6, 2010

So is age just a number?

People know Calvin Klein. With the label that launched various clothing and underwear lines, it is impossible that one has never heard of the name. Even the jeje, as Calvin Klein is one of the most counterfeited brands in the fashion industry. But do you know the man behind the label?

Ay baktong!

This is Mr. Calvin Klein. 67 years old. Married more than once and has a daughter named Marci. Not only is he famous because of his clothes but he has been through a string of intrigues such as the kidnapping of her daughter in 1978 and his addiction to drugs and vodka. Shet tunog wikipedia na ba?

Just recently, he has been a subject of American gossip as he is rumored to date a male model, Nick Gruber. SINETCH???

Siya! Siya si Nicholas Gruber! (Sorry, I had to put the smiley dahil rated PG tayo dito okay?)

Ok so he is 20 years old. WHAAAAAT??! Yes, imagine Mr. Klein having the time of his life at the age 47 while somewhere else in the world some Mrs. Gruber is in labor to a child she will name Nicholas. JUSKODAY! Anyway, they have been seen together quite a lot this summer.

Yup, that excuse MIGHT WORK! Really...

Uhm. Yeeeeeeeek

Oh well, these relationships are often called May-December love affairs. Well, in their case parang May-May 2025 love affair to noh! But well, di naman talaga to bago as Pinoy showbiz has its own versions- equally weird and creepy.

Couple #3: Assunta de Rossi and Jules Ledesma

Assunta was 19 while Jules was 41 when they got married in December 2002. So that's 22 years.
Uhm, looking at them isa lang naalala ko

Couple #2: Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho

Age gap 24 years!!! Im sorry, while seeing the picture above, naririnig ko siya sa background...
Ang ateh mo, nakakadisturb din!

Couple #1: Madam Auring and some random child


At 60 or 70 something she was rumored to have a relationship with Archie Mendoza who was 16 years old!!! Juskoh teh, talo mo pa si Calvin Klein! Yung sayo apo sa tuhod!!!!

Ay, and take note, meron pang isa!!!

Notice: Ms. Odette Khan! Lovette!

Nako si Madame, notorious!!! Wag ka nang mag-ambisyon! Manghula ka nalang please?

Ok babangungutin na ako nito. Babooo!

PS: Heard there was a StarMagic ball last Sunday. Uh-huh! Hits, Misses and Face-offs coming soon!

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