Monday, January 10, 2011

Here's the Long Awaited Wedding Video!

As promised, here's the on-site video of the Wedding of the Century!

Make sure to watch out for the celebrities!

Yes, dahil sa wedding video ni Julie at Abe lang pwedeng:

1. Utusan si Res Cortez na bihisan ka
2. Pilitin ang isang Victoria's Secret MOWdel na magtanggal ng pakpak. Chuice! Masabi lang...

Find out more about the wedding, HERE

Video courtesy of Mai Dionisio, Morny de Guzman, Saz Sazon and Cyril Belarmino

RANDOM (Nung Pasko pa dapat to!): Shout out to Mai, Pen and Mai's sister! Thank you for following this blog! Spread the bubbles of fun! (Feeling sikat?Chozz)

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