Saturday, January 29, 2011

FRESH CATCH: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The "FRESH CATCH" category is like "KoiBeyondPond Recommends" where I will attempt to suggest things -from movies to style items, music, links etc. Yes, this is an attempt to be a "dictator of taste" ala Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl Episode 12 (UY UPDATED!)

HEH. Explain.

Anyway, it's around two weeks before Valentine's day and there are three ways to prepare for it:

1. Feel the love
2. Makontento sa kilig

Third item applies to me every year. Thank God I was born the day before and there is always a reason to stay happy on the 14th. PARINIG.

Anyway, I found this wonderful Thai movie called Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Watching it could either make you fall in love or be fragile depending on your current relationship status.

It's a funny tale of a nobody-girl who falls in love with a campus cutie and so she tries hard to change herself to get noticed. And as she transforms from a dark-skinned geek into a graceful fair lady, she discovers more things about herself and the boy in her life. Simple plot but it had a hilarious treatment...with a little sting in the end.

What to watch out for:

1. Flirting Styles

Para sa di natural na malandi...

2. Makeover Tips

Yes di na uso ang cucumber. Pakwan na for very challenging cases!

3. Amazing Transformation

Which would make everyone exclaim...


Though, the girl kinda looks like...

Whatever-happened-to-Ateh-Chynna-Ortaleza. Chuice!

4. Pokwang!


5. And of course, the ultimate qualification for a nice movie... KERE BOYS

Hmm, pwede na...

Nag-inarte? Well, tingnan natin kung mag-inarte ka pa kay...

Mario Maurer!

He's the guy from Love Of Siam (another popular Thai film). This time he's straight. Aww so adorable! Cellphone charm material! (HEH)

Intrigued much? Watch the trailer NOW!

And if you can't wait to download the torrent file, someone uploaded the whole film on Facebook! So if you are bored on a lazy Sunday, start loading the movie now!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

If you guys are curious at how I reacted to the film, well let's just say as the credits rolled, I went out for a walk kahit 1 AM na. heehee

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