Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Most Effective Beauty Tips

Despite all the things you may have known/ have read about me, it might still be surprising to find out that I have a girl-crush. (WEEEEHHHHHH?!) Well excuse me girls pero wag kayong mag-feeling at mag freak-out diyan because it's not any one of you. Unless nagbabasa rin nito si...

Catherine Zeta-Jones!

I dunno. I guess because her beauty is very classic and timeless. Not to add the elegance that comes out naturally in whatever she's doing. Ok so kung ayaw niyo maniwala, let's just say I want to be like her HAHAHA. Except that I hate the female form.

But sino nga bang aayaw sa ganitong ganda? In fact, most people are willing to try any skin care product, procedure or ritual masabihan lang ng "Ay ang ganda mo today" (Na pang small-talk lang naman talaga Chuice!)

So here are 5 basic beauty tips that can definitely turn the ugliest duck into the the ugliest swan (Chos!)

1. Keep it natural

Stay away from chemicals and other foreign objects that you put on your face. That includes make-up especially when you don't know how to really put them on. And though it may be a little more expensive, go organic! Like this...

Organic soap made from the owner's BREAST MILK

Jusko lord! Parang ayoko nalang gamitin! Sold only in the States but joining the influx of foreign brands invading the Philippine market such as Forever 21 and Muji, Mother's Moon Soaps will be available locally, MADE FROM LOCAL PRODUCTS. Thanks to...

Chuice lang

2. Add a dash of color

You may love black, white and gray but your attraction quotient will definitely shoot up when you add even just a little color to your clothes and accessories. Or if you want to be a little daring, why not color your hair!

And I'm not just talking about the hair on top of your head!

May I suggest Ponkan Orange Betty, Pomelo Pink Betty, and UBAN Betty?

3. Accessorize!

Jazz up your plain shirt by adding accessories and blings that would capture the attention of many!

These are silicone caps but if you are on a tight budget you can get same results but gluing some...

May instant snack ka pa!

4. Eat well!

Let beauty come from within by watching your diet and making sure that you only munch on the healthy stuff. And get on those deals that would give you multiple results with one food type...

Breast Enhancing Cookies Fortified with Vitamins!

Reminds me of ...

NakakaBUSOG at nakakaLUSOG!!! (gets?)

Finally, aanhin mo ang ganda kung wala ka namang personality. And did you know that your personality is first judged with how you smile. So...


For more...

Learn the right way to smile!
(Yasmien Kurdi isdatchu?)

Follow these tips and you will be ensured of a beautiful 2011!


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