Sunday, January 2, 2011

This 2011...

2011 ushers in not only a new year but also a new decade. The common practice is to set up new year's resolutions to make a better person out of oneself and hopefully out of other people. This is a good practice in order to work your way towards finding true success through personal development (Find out more about that from OneCORE). Syempre nagpromote!

A healthy practice involves choosing only 2 or 3 to make sure that you have time to really exhaust your efforts and energy into fulfilling your set goals. It allows you to become focused on them as well.

I must admit the year has started with me still having a long list. I believe that as I spend more time reflecting on these commitments, I would be able to perhaps combine them or prioritize the most important ones for this year and save the rest for the years to come.

Staying true to the theme of this blog, I shall be using funny photos from everywhere

1. Go GREEN!- Time to be alarmed so always consider the welfare of Mother Earth


2. Maximize my talents and capacities

O diba? Maraming gamit ang ating mga sarili! HAHAHAAH

3. Be certain about who I am and what I want- ANG LALIM!!!

Beer na pamhin?. Chuice.
(btw, totoo to! Di lang pinatong or something)

4. Be confident with the idea na kahit di ko kabisado ang daan, makarating pa rin sa paroroonan

Basta may PIDICAB papuntang RESAL Stadium.

5. Be extra spontaneous and not to edit myself too much

O diba? SARI-SARI store talaga eto!!!

6. Always pay my bills on time- Well they won't cut my phone line if I don't pay on time but it's bad practice

Please acknowledge upon received.
"Dear Eastwest Bank, Yes, I receipt it!"
Thank you for this pic! *wink*

7. Be extra patient


So what are your commitments this 2011?

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